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Uaki - Are we not men?
Yep, I'm just postin to be doin it. I have nothing to do. I'm "working", though, so at least I get paid for doing it here. I think I'm actually getting really irritated about being laid off. I did, in fact, wear jeans and sneakers today. And other people did, too. I wonder if they're getting laid off.
I can't decide whether to bite the bullet and just get some lame job that is really close to my house, or whether to stick it out and go for the big bucks. I guess I'll decide when it comes down to time to pay for stuff.

A bunch of us are supposed to go to karaoke tonight, but I'm not sure I'm in the mood to go out. I hate getting laid off. I'm not sure if I hope it happens to you yet or not. So watch your step.
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