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Overanalyzing a song - Are we not men?
Overanalyzing a song
... while I'm waiting for a call. So I guess it's not really a conference call, but it's three of us on the phone, and it's not Sean & Brian. OK, the song. I was thinking, the song "I love rock & roll", it's a classic. Everyone knows it, and people randomly sing it at clubs. It's an ANTHEM.
How did it get to be an anthem? It has a commonly echoed sentiment, and it's stated in chant form. If you listen to the actual words of the song (which most of us have memorized anyway), it's not *about* rock and roll. But it's got that common sentiment that is anthemal.

OK, they called, and asked me a bunch of stupid questions, and I told them to read the documentation, and they were like "Anything else we should know?" and yeah, probably, but I'm not telling, because it's not in my best interest to tell. I gave them all the documentation they need to do my job. It's not my fault if they don't read it. They were so cavalier, too. "We never had those problems," come to find out, they *did*, but the Infrastructure guys fixed it before it got to them. "We supported all this before, so we know all about them," ok, fine, but if you don't read the documentation that says IMPORTANT NOTES, you will not be able to open the damn thing, let alone support it. Bitter? Me? Nahh.
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